• Yeti Snow Shoveling App

    Let our yetis shovel you out this winter!

    What's the worst part of winter? Picking up a snow shovel and heading out to your car at the crack of dawn (and lets not forget the -20 degree wind chill...).


    Why not let someone else take care of that for you? While you stay warm and cozy inside your house our Yetis will do the heavy lifting, all you need to do us tell us where to dig.


    Get the Yeti App - Boston's on-demand snow shoveling app
  • The Blog

    Occasional updates on Yeti and our mission to leave no car unshoveled

    January 30, 2019 · 3
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Buffalo - Never shovel snow again! Yeti, the premier on demand snow...
    Finding a car order nearby to work is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be raking...
    January 10, 2019
    Creating an order to get your car shoveled out of the snow as easy as can be. Just follow these...
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  • "Shovel Me Out" Basics

    Yeti Snow Shoveling App

    1. Submit location

    Drop a pin at your car's location and submit your order. We'll match you with the closest Yeti and send him to your car's location.

    Yeti Snow Shoveling App

    2. Relax

    While a Yeti frees your car from the chokehold of winter, take a break! We suggest some quality time with your couch and a blanket, probably gonna want a hot beverage too.

    Yeti Snow Shoveling

    3. Drive baby, drive

    Once your car is ready to hit the road you'll get an update including pictures of your freshly cleared car. Don't forget to rate your Yeti!

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