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Yetis - Complete a car order

Finding a car order nearby to work is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be raking in the cash in no time.

  • Open the Yeti app and log in. Easy enough.
  • Find the nearest order. Once you login you'll be taken to a map centered on your current location, the map will have pins on it and each pin represents a customer's order.
  • Tap the pin. Tapping the pin will trigger a callout from the pin that displays the order street address. At this time the payout value will also be displayed at the bottom of the screen, the amount displayed is the exact amount that will be deposited into your bank account.
  • Tap the address. Tapping the address callout indicates you want to work that order. A popup will appear asking you to confirm you want to work on the selected order and once you do you are then expected to immediately make your way to the order location and begin working on the order.
  • Arrive at location. Once you arrive at the location you can use the app to verify you are in the right place and are at the right car. The app will provide a street address and make, model, year, color of the car to be shoveled. If you are at the specified location and can't locate the car you can cancel the order and note that you couldn't find the car, there is no penalty for this.
  • Begin work. Once you find the car to be shoveled the app will instruct you to take a "before" picture of the car covered in snow. This picture will be sent to the customer to show them how much snow was on the car and hwo much work you're saving them from. The before picture should be taken from the front end of the car at an angle that shows both the front end and street side of the car. 
  • Shovel that snow! After taking the before picture you should clear all snow from the car and the immediate area. There should be at least 2 feet of clearance in front of and behind the car and it should be possible to open all doors. 
  • Complete the job. Once the car is fully cleared of snow the app will instruct you to take 2 "after" pictures. The first after picture should be taken from the same position as the before picutre. The second after picture should be taken from the back end of the car at an angle to show both the back end and street side of the car.
  • Onto the next one! Once you submit the after pictures thats it, you're done! The app will take you back to the open order screen where you can select the next order you want to work on.
Payment is handled via direct deposit into a provided checking account which you must setup before working on your first order. As you work on orders throughout the day Yeti will track the total amount earned and the day's earnings will be transferred to your bank account. It may take 7-10 days before the funds appear in your bank account but we've found that it's often closer to 5 days. Unfortunately the delay is due to how the banking system works and its just not possible to make the funds immediately available to you (we wish it was).
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