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Placing A Car Order

Creating an order to get your car shoveled out of the snow as easy as can be. Just follow these simple steps and Yeti will have you cleared out in no time

  • Open the Yeti app and log in. Easy enough.
  • Tell us where your car is. Login will take you to a map screen centered on your current location. Navigate around the map until the map pin is pointing at the exact location of your car (zoom in all the way to get the most precise location) then tap the confirm location button.
Confirm Location of car to be shoveled
  • Select car to be shoveled. After confirming your location you'll be asked to confirm which car you would like  shoveled out. You can add and remove cars from your profile through the sidebar menu.
  • Enter location specifics. After confirming your car you will be shown a screen displaying the price with a space to enter additional information about your cars location. Here you should add any details that will help the Yeti find your car, maybe describe the building it's parked in front of or note how far it is from the corner. 
  • Accept pricing. Yeti pricing is dynamic and changes throughout the day based on supply, demand, and snowfall. While the price is constantly changing the price displayed when creating your order is the exact amount you will pay with no additional fees or charges so you always know exactly what you're paying before you place your order. Review the price then tap submit to continue with your order.
Review price for car shoveling order
  • Enter credit card details and place order.  All orders must be paid with a credit card but your card won't be charged until your order is complete. You can cancel your order free of charge until a Yeti has been assigned and no transaction will appear on your credit card statement.
  • Wait for a Yeti to be assigned. Once your order is placed it will go into a queue until it is assigned to a Yeti to start working on it. While you wait you will be shown an estimated wait time that shows approximately how long it will take until your order is assigned to a Yeti. Note: this number is approximate. 
  • Yeti assigned. Once a Yeti has been assigned to your order the Yeti will need to make their way to your car which will take some time, generally work will start on your order about 15-30 minutes after a Yeti is assigned.
  • Work in Progress. Once the Yeti gets to the location of your car they will take a "before" picture of your car covered in snow. Once the picture is submitted by the Yeti your order will move to "In progress" status and you will be able to see the "before" picture on the apps order status screen.
  • Work Complete. Once the Yeti finishes shoveling out your car they will take 2 "after" pictures of your car, one from the front and one from the rear. Once these pictures are submitted your order is complete and your credit card will be charged, the order status screen on your app will now show the before picture and the 2 after pictures and ask you to rate the order on a 5 star scale. 

That's it! Drive away never having picked up a snow shovel and contemplate how good life is. Download the app now and start living the shovel-free life.

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