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Launching in Buffalo Jan 31!

Buffalo - Never shovel snow again!
Yeti, the premier on demand snow shoveling app, will be launching in the Buffalo area this week. Yeti
will start accepting new orders on Thursday, January 31st at 6am, just in time to help dig out from the
coming storm. The initial service area will include a 5 square mile area centered around downtown
Buffalo that will gradually be expanded as business ramps up.

The weather has been a complete disaster the past couple of weeks, we know, but Yeti adds a silver
lining to those endless snow clouds. Whether you want to curl up on your couch buried under a
mountain of blankets until spring or get out there and make some money shoveling snow, Yeti has you

About Yeti LLC
Yeti was the world's first dedicated snow shoveling app when it was founded in Boston in 2016 with a
mission to "make winter just a bit less miserable". The company was founded by Chris Barry, a business
consultant turned entrepreneur who initially created Yeti as a fun side project. Chris, now the CEO and lead developer, was teaching himself mobile development and wanted a project to put what he was learning into practice, the result was Yeti. That side project turned into a serious business endeavor after the small scale Boston launch generated huge interest in the product. Since then Yeti has been shoveling out cars in Boston after every snow storm while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction and great user experience.

Yeti allows customers to place orders to get their cars shoveled out of the snow and it's as simple as
could be. Login to the app, drop a map pin at your car’s location, accept the current pricing and wait. A
Yeti will soon be at your car clearing the snow and will provide before and after pictures of the work. For those who wish to make some money the signup process to become a Yeti is quick and painless, you can begin working your first order less than 5 minutes after downloading the app.

Both pricing and Yeti payouts are dynamic, they will change throughout the day based on labor supply,
demand and snowfall. While both pricing and payouts are constantly changing there are never any
surprises. Customers will see the exact price they will pay before submitting an order and Yetis will see
the exact payout they will receive before accepting an order. All customer payments are handled via
credit card payment while the Yeti payouts are direct deposited into a checking account provided by the Yeti during signup. Actual numbers will vary given the dynamic nature of the pricing but generally
shoveling orders cost between $25-$45 while Yetis earn an average of around $40/hour.

Yeti is currently available for iOS only.

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