As we gear up for our second season of operation it occured to us that there was a key factor missing from last winter's activities - swag! What's a startup without some completely unnecessary and overly branded goods? Nothing. And we don't want to be nothing so swag is on the way.

When we were deciding where to source our gear the most important factors were quality and location.

  • Quality: Anything with the Yeti logo on it needs to show our commitment to quality in everything we do for our customers. We need to ensure our supplier can produce high quality goods that represent Yeti well.
  • Location: We believe in supporting local businesses. As a startup we know how difficult it is to keep a business running and know how crucial the support of the local community is. We also see a benefit in working with local business which gets our name out to the local community making it a bit of a no brainer, mutually beneficial choice.
With those factors in mind we started researching potential suppliers, and while we came across a lot of options we decided to go with Dorchester based College Hype. (As an aside... we also went local with our design agency, Cutlip, based in Weymouth, MA)
Yeti's swag provider of choice: College Hype

After setting up an appointment to meet with Danny, our sales rep, we went in on a Saturday afternoon to discuss our needs. One of the key learnings from last winter was that we need to focus more on Yeti recruitment. We had a ton of demand and while there were a good number of Yetis out there completing orders we just couldn't keep up with the demand, so much so that at several points we stopped taking new orders entirely. To combat this we'll be using swag to help get the word out to college students who are the ideal Yetis. And of course what better way to reach out to college students than some free koozies, so those were quickly added to our order along with a couple of other items.

Yeti founder, Chris Barry (blue), discusses production details with Danny from College Hype

After a long and detailed discussion about products, file types, PMS colors, lead times, minimum order quantities and more... we wrapped up our business with Danny. Before saying our goodbyes, however, Danny offered a quick tour of the facility to see where some of our products would be created. This was a nice perk of choosing a local business, it was exciting to go behind the scenes and see how it all works. We were able to snap a few pictures of the facility which you can see below.

Do I spy "yeti blue" in there?
Danny showing Yeti founder, Chris Barry, around the facility
Pile of hats for Walburgers, soon that'll be stacked high with Yeti gear!

It was great to take a look at the facility and to see the people who would ultimately be working on Yetis products. Seeing the in progress work was another nice touch, it was fun to see some recognizable local brands sourcing their gear from College Hype too, most notably there was a ton of Walburgers gear in progress.

To wrap up the trip Danny hooked us up with some of College Hype's own swag, a couple of 30 year anniversary College Hype T-shirts. Thanks to Danny and the whole crew for helping us through this process, looking forward to getting all the merch. Here's to another 30 years of success for a great local business!

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